Refereed Publications

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Winner of Jerry S. Cohen Award for Best Antitrust Article of 2021 on Coordinated Effects

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Articles in books and other publications

Double Markups, Information, and Vertical Mergers (with L. Marx), Antitrust Bulletin, 67(3).
Winner of the Jerry S. Cohen Award for Best Antitrust Article of 2022 on Vertical Mergers

The Possibility of Social-Surplus-Reducing Vertical Mergers (with L. Marx), CPI Antitrust Chronicle, October 2020: 15.

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Working papers

Optimal Hotelling Auctions (with E. Muir)

Efficient trade and ownership on networks (with L. Marx)

Vertical integration with incomplete information (with L. Marx)

Optimal labor procurement under minimum wages and monopsony power (with E. Muir)

The matching benefits of market thickness (with E. Muir)

Percentage Fees in Thin Markets: An Optimal Pricing Perspective (with A. Niedermayer)

An Optimal Pricing Theory of Transaction Fees in Thin Markets (with A. Niedermayer)

Location choice and information transmission

Monotonicity, non-participation, and directed search equilibria (with J. Bland)

Multi-Party Competition under Proportional Representation

Some people never learn, rationally (with A. McLennan)


The economics of COVID-19, Pursuit, 22 July 2020 (with E. Muir)

A national ventilator exchange could address critical shortages, The Hill, 27 March 2020 (with L. Marx)