Refereed Publications

Merger Review for Markets with Buyer Power (with L. Marx), Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming)

Make and Buy: Outsourcing, Vertical Integration, and Cost Reduction (with M. Riordan), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (forthcoming)

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Auctions with Bid Credits and Resale (with L. Marx), International Journal of Industrial Organization: 55, 2017: 58-90

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Other publications

Economics and the efficient allocation of spectrum licenses (with L. Marx), in: Mechanisms and Games for Dynamic Spectrum Access, edited by T. Alpcan, H. Boche, M.L. Honig, and H.V. Poor, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2013

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Auctions and Economic Design, (with T. Wilkening), Australian Economic Review, 44 (3), 2011: 347-54.

Working papers

Entry-Deterring Agency (with A. Niedermayer)

Optimal Market Thickness and Clearing (with E. Muir and P. Taylor)

The deficit on each trade in a Vickrey double auction is at least as large as the Walrasian price gap (with C. Mezzetti)

Percentage Fees in Thin Markets: An Optimal Pricing Perspective (with A. Niedermayer)

An Optimal Pricing Theory of Transaction Fees in Thin Markets (with A. Niedermayer)

Location choice and information transmission

Monotonicity, non-participation, and directed search equilibria (with J. Bland)

Multi-Party Competition under Proportional Representation

Some people never learn, rationally (with A. McLennan)

Dominant Strategy, Double Clock Auctions with Estimation-Based Tatonnement (with C. Mezzetti)

Optimal Structure and Dissolution of Partnerships (with C. Wasser)

Optimal Clock Auctions (with L. Marx)